About Us

Every side of the Exo Financial Group LTD, business is the result of hard work done by tens of specialists engaged in management, marketing, Forex trading, stock trading, mathematics and high technologies. It means that every asset management operation is based on a scientific approach which implies calculating probability of bargain outcomes, risks, compensating bargains and many other factors. And that's where our long experience becomes handy - it allows us to give approximate estimations of our daily profit and offer a stable profit percentage to our clients. Of course, we may suffer losses after some trading sessions but all in all our total profit covers the amount of possible losses.

The system of trading designed by Exo Financial Group, is based on the integrated approach to the world Forex & stock market. It means that Exo Financial Group is presented in each time zone and on every big-cap Forex & Stock exchange. It's presented by the dealing departments which trade in a strict accordance with the company's strategy. Fundamental, Technical, Candlestick , Elliott Wave Theory ,Divergence, Arbitrage, TSE, SSE, BSE, MICEX, LSE, NYSE, TSX are among the Forex & stock exchanges Exo Financial Group is trading on.

Operating activities of the company involve the use of the most up-to-date packages for Forex & stock trading and our own data centers.

All electronic systems are connected with each other under the guidance of the team of professional managers who have worked at ground zero of Exo Financial Group company since the company's origin in 2011.

It was in February, 2011 when Lenni McDollel, Forex trader, and Scott Priceei, an LSE trader, and Limbu Stone met each other at the conference in Hong Kong which was devoted to Hidden risks associated with trading derivatives'. Common interests, as well as considerable experience led to the establishment of the investment company, and it was decided to call it Exo Finance Group LTD. Large amounts of company's assets allow saving considerably on credit instruments during trading sessions and enable to offer the more lucrative percentage of profit.

For less than a year, Lenni, Scott and Limbu created a technical platform for their future business.

Today, the virtual doors of Exo Financial Group company are widely open to all Internet users, allowing anyone and anywhere in the world to invest in Forex & stocks with peace of mind, knowing that their assets are handled properly by the team of our professional trading managers whose primary goal is to save and multiply our clients money.

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Our values

  • Accurate information
  • Transparency of trade
  • The lowest risk for the Investors
  • WThe highest profit for the investors

Our Features

  • Secure investment
  • Show Live our tradess
  • Investing in foreign exchange markets
  • The highest standard of customer orientation