ExoFinancial Group,ltd , we do not participate or endorse any type of spamming activities. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information, including email addresses, to any outside party. If you see our material is being involved in spamming activities, please notify us at once.

Anti Spam Policy

Exo Financial Group LTD, will not tolerate spamming and has a zero tolerance policy regarding the transmission of "spam" e-mail. Exo Financial Group LTD, requires that all members who use our services abide by our Anti-Spam policy and they expressly warrant that they will not engage in spamming. We want to assure you that your complaint will be taken very seriously. We need your help to insure that no one is sending unauthorized e-mails.

We forbid the sending of unsolicited mass e-mails or unsolicited e-mails of any kind about Exo Financial Group LTD, services.


This should go without saying, but we will say it anyway: it is NOT OK to spam people. If you try, we will immediately close your account. You will not get any refund. Chances are, you already knew spam is bad. And as an email recipient, you know it when you see it. It is important that as a sender, you know what spam is, too. We would hate to see you make the mistake of spamming anyone.

n case you plan on advertising us on various forums and private groups where such posting is allowed, you are obliged to notify us about such posts. If you are accounted to be guilty of spamming in very aggressive way your ExoFinancial Group,ltd account will be deleted, your referrals will be eliminated from our system, and you will be banned indispensably. In this case you will lose all your referrals.


Send email to people who have not specifically requested that information from you. If you collect subscribers somewhere other than on your website, and aren't 100% sure someone asked to sign up to your email lists. Use email lists that you purchased, rented, leased, or in any way bought from a third party. Send unsolicited email through a third party to try to get people to sign up under your Exo Financial Group LTD, affiliate link These are not the only things we might consider spam. But they are a good guide.


If we find that you are spamming your Exo Financial Group LTD, affiliate link: Things that will definitely happen:

1. We will immediately suspend your account. 2. We will refuse to refund your account.

Things that might happen:

1. We might charge you money if your spamming causes any interruptions in our ability to service other customers.

2. We might charge you if we have hosting problems due to spam complaints to our hosting provider.

3. We might pursue legal action against you. (Spamming violates our service agreement.)

Note: we do not presume guilt. We investigate all potential spam incidents thoroughly before making a decision. But once we have made a decision, we act fast.

If you believe you have received spam from Exo Financial Group LTD, user, forward the email you received to us at abuse@Exofinancialgroup.com. Please include the headers of the email when you forward it, and briefly tell us why you believe the message is spam. We take all spam complaints seriously and will investigate promptly.

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