Any real financial services provider needs to be transparent with its clients according to the law. We're here to comply with our clients' rights to know how their funds is being managed. Financial markets are broad and risky in general. Broad means there are many kinds of investment opportunity and risky means you may lose your money or you may not get what you were promised (this is just one risk). True examples of financial markers are: Forex, Stocks, Bonds and betting. Each of these markets has its own risk but according to common sense, the more is the risk, the more is the return on investment. How is the risk and return related to each other? There are a lot of calculations involved to determine which market or which item of the market is worth to invest in. For example, in Stocks. If a company has been stable for the past few years, has good cash flows, has paid its dividends,... and it is been less volatile than the market has less risk and in results less return to promise and visa verse. There is a model of calculating the expected return from a stock called: CAPM which helps to decide if investment in a stock is worth it or not.

Investment in Bonds also is not that easy and you may be risking your money and when you sell your bond the value of your money has been reduced. $100 you can use now, doesn't have the same value as $100 in 2 years, does it? So we use Time Value of Money (TVM) to choose the right bond and the right time of selling it.

Although Forex market is the most volatile market and hence the more return is expected from trading, but remember the risk is also high. If you are an experience trader and know exactly how to trade here, Forex is the best place to invest in. But again, remember that risks are high too. We use our own low risk method to trade in this market which is a modified Martingale strategy and 1-2-3 and Andrews' Forks strategy depending on the market condition. We use a reward/risk ratio of at least 3 when trading. Our betting team are also VERY active by using Sure Bet strategy to trade. As its name suggests, it has a guaranteed return but the return depends on the match.

How Do We Divide The Funds Between Markets?

It is a very important question and it is your right to ask! When we receive funds, depending on each market and the amount of fund and the plan you chose, the funds are distributed. For example, all funds going to Plan Beta will be invested in Forex and Betting. If the amount of deposit is small, we make a pool of small funds first and then invest.

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