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Our key to success is much simpler than one may think it to be – we believe that the key factors in our money investment business are the creation of a team comprising only the best specialists and the stimulation of partnership spirit both within the team and between us and our clientele. We have succeeded in creating an exclusive team of experienced professionals – funds investing perfectionists whose only aim is the best possible result and absolute leadership in the market. At a certain period of time we established the list of three basic qualities that all the employees working for Eco Financial Group have to possess:




Today all members of our team meet the requirements set by these qualities – moreover, we keep on improving it by inviting top managers and specialists from the world’s most successful companies. The team consists of 50 specialists, citizens of 9 countries, graduates of the top universities and business schools who know how to invest money. Majority of the members of investment committee and personal financial consultants possess the most valuable certificates of the world of finance – CFA, ACCA, MBA, FCFR. Every manager has a solid personal career and deserves credit from their client and money market due to their professional knowledge and absolute honesty. This confidence is our capital and it is also a guaranty of our success. Nobody from our team will ever risk the investment assets and capital even if it would be quite profitable at first glance.

Availability of one team with unanimous aims and interests allows Exo Financial Group to be one of the most long-ranged and fast developing companies of the market for money management and assisting in raising profit from investments.

Jay M. Whittaker, General Director of “ECO FINANCIAL GROUP LTD .

Jay M. Whittaker has been working on the Forex market since 1995. In July 2010 Mr. Whittaker headed “Exo Financial Group.”. Mr. Whittaker has an extensive experience of working on the Forex Market and deep knowledge of the main tendencies of its development.

Kevin H. Rice, Assistant General Director .

Kevin H. Rice started his career in the company in 2010 occupying the position of a specialist of the Customers’ Support in the Operational Department. In August 2011 Kevin H. Rice was appointed Chief of the Customers’ Support Board of the Trade and Customers’ Relations Department. In April 2012 he became Director of personal Investment Consulting.

Kenneth M. Boe, Assistant General Director of Finance and Operations Activity .

Kenneth M. Flynn was employed by the “Exo Financial Group” in 2010 as a Treasury expert. A year later he was appointed to the position of Financial Director and in April 2011 became Assistant Director of Finance and Operations Activity.

Linda Collinsen, Assistant General Director of Information Technologies .

Anthony N. Ruiz has been working in the company since 2012. During this time Linda Collins occupied the leading positions of the Information Technologies Department and in 2011 was appointed Assistant General Manager.

Charles K. Bramnick is Chief of the Trust Capital Management Department..

“I would like to wish our customers the growing market and to recommend that the terms of their investments were longer, thus reducing the risk and increasing the result! And we – the trust managers of the “Exo Financial Group.” – will do our best to minimize these risks. ” Charles K. Holman works on the development of the trust management concepts of the Company, investment strategies and recommendations for the customers. At the moment Charles K. Holman is working on the portfolio management of the assets for institutional investors and VIP customers.

Maria Shred Rector Chief of the Managerial Accounting Department.

“Our primary task is to create the customers’ service which is as convenient as possible. We are always ready to provide our customers with the precise and quick reporting, correspond to the modern requirements in the sphere of documents circulation”. Maria Shred has been working in the Company since 2009. Under her direction there was organized Managerial Accounting and Depositary Department. Her main task as an expert in documents circulation was to organize the depositary activity in the Company, creation of the efficient accounting system which makes it possible to provide our customers with quick and precise information as for the operations conducted.

Richard D. Wagioner Chief of the Analytical Department of the “Exo Financial Group .

Richard D. Wagioner heads the department the primary task of which is to collect and analyze financial information, and the main charge is to analyze and estimate the securities market, recommendations as for the portfolio management, investment consulting. Our Analytical Department provides not only long-term or medium-term macroeconomic forecasts but more important quick information about the portfolio management as well. As a rule, the use of the analytical information makes it possible to increase the number of successful bargains and minimize possible losses. Analytical reviews and expert information of the Analytical Department of the “Eco Financial Group” are called for by the authoritative information agencies and mass media and have a good name among both the investors and professional financiers .

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