Why Us

When we speak about an Exo Financial Group Investment Company which is going to become your reliable partner for a long period, we understand that such a company must meet strict requirements in several areas of business.

Exo Financial Group customers value the company's global access, diversification and perspectives of the company.

With our investment teams strategically located in London, New York, we actively manage investment relationships with over 500 personal and business customers in 30 countries. Our existing fund portfolio provides access to some of the global leading buyout and venture capital partnerships.

Our work is reflected in a diverse product and services offering that include European, US structured funds, global secondary abilities, personally managed accounts, creative financial analyses and Exo Financial Group International involvement. Our innovative services are offered online through this website, which was created in 2011.


Global opportunity

Eco Financial Group LTD, constantly manages investment relationships with over twenty high yield investment partnerships in six countries. Our global perspective is proven in the company's diverse management team which speaks 3 different languages. In addition to the company's solid coverage of the European and US high yield investment markets, we are currently planning to open a global agent network worldwide. The company is also offering a wide range of investment solutions in the high yield investment markets of the Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Important reference & documentation.

Welcome to reference & documentation section. Here you are able to download useful Eco Financial Group documentation in order to match the required legitimacy criterias.

Caribbean Software Development Corporation, a large offshore International Business Company, specializing in e-currency transaction system development & transaction processing solutions has acquired Exo Financial Group brand on February 28th 2011. Trade Exo Financial Group is now a part of CSDC,IBC and trading and investment division of CSDC.

General company information and business details are shown in our incorporation copy and other relevant scans. Exo Financial Group Incorporation Documents Exo Financial Group Incorporation Documents Exo Financial Group Incorporation Documents Our company history and what we do can be found in Investors Prospectus This is a PDF document This is a PDF document.

Please note that you might need Adobe Reader ver. 12.0 and up in order to open some reports and broshures.

What our clients say

Our values

  • Accurate information
  • Transparency of trade
  • The lowest risk for the Investors
  • WThe highest profit for the investors

Our Features

  • Secure investment
  • Show Live our tradess
  • Investing in foreign exchange markets
  • The highest standard of customer orientation